PINIPISAKAN FALLS in San Jorge, Samar:  Once in a Lifetime Extreme Adventures You Ever Get to Experience Here in the Philippines

PART ONE – Extreme Adventures in Samar: A Story About Conquering Fears



One of the fulfilling achievements I have garnered in my life is not just about achieving success in personal career, or realizing dreams and goals, or having a stable job, etc.,   but also learning how to conquer fears.

If you know me personally, you will realize that I’m not that fearless kind of being. In fact I am scared of a lot of things. I’m scared of the unknown, of not being in control, of almost everything. I think a lot. Over thinker as I am… But I have to let go all of these uncertainties or else I will be stuck up in the same ground, just living in the comfort zone, bland and boring, nothing exciting…

But ever since I have been going outdoors, exploring places, seeing unfamiliar faces and seeking adventures… I realized it’s okay to have fears. When I’m nervous, I can sense my own heartbeat. It seems that fear makes me alive. Fear  makes my life worth living. For what is life without a little risk, without a little challenge?

One of the adventures I feared a lot was this. Will I survive in this extreme adventure of caving in Samar? I thought of what would happen to me. All those what ifs… what’s gonna be the situation? What if I would be trapped inside the cave or what if there would be unpleasant circumstances, etc.,etc., etc.,?  But gradually, as time went on, I realized I would not let the coward in me take hold of my being. And so, to Samar I went.

Let me narrate to you this one of a kind adventure.

The Breakfast Meal

Well, this adventure couldn’t be started without the delicious breakfast meal prepared by Sir Joni’s wife, Ate Rhine. I felt I was in a home away from home. (If you have been reading my blogs about my adventure with Sir Joni, I always post the food being served to us because its being yummy never ceases to amaze me., hehe! )

The Modes of Transports

Reaching our destination was not easy. We had to ride several modes of transportation in order to get there.

* It started from a relaxing bus drive from Catbalogan to San Jorge, Samar.

*Then a 30-minute  hour of  rough habal-habal ride followed. We rode through a muddy and messy road for it was not cemented. There were times when the driver would step on the muddy road to be able to maneuver and to keep balance while jaunting on wheels to Brgy. Blanca Aurora.

*Then we rode a canoe toward our next drop off point. It was a scary for we canoed against the current. This is called upstream canoeing. At times, the current would make a sudden jolt but, the good thing was, the maneuverer of the canoe handled the situation well. There was also a time when the river was very calm and the water looked like a mirror. The view was just splendid.

Cruising Blanca Aurora River took us almost an hour to reach the drop off area, but I was never bored throughout the trip because of the scenery. Anywhere I looked, there was beauty and it was natural, the Amazon-like river, the virgin forests, the unique rock formations which resembled a fortress of a ruined castle, a waterfall that created a drizzling curtain effect, wild orchids and many more. I asked myself, was this the lost Atlantis? Hahaha!  The scenery was spectacularly amazing!

* AAAAANNNNND still we were not there yet.

* There was still an hour to hike to the junction.

We finally arrived at the drop off area. The next thing to do was to hike to the campsite. The trail was basically easy but when we reached the middle part, it seemed that we were trekking without following a trail. One time we passed through a huge fallen tree that blocked the way. We were obviously taking the “road less travelled by”. What I love about Samar is their thick virgin forest. We saw different kinds of huge trees.  I hope people will maintain this way ecosystem forever or have more and more trees, please. HAHA!!! The verdant scene was not just a delight to my eyes but it also refreshed my soul as I breathed in pure air coming from nature.

The Campsite

*Finally, thank God we reached the campsite!!!

Well, congratulations, we survived one fourth of our adventure. Reaching this place only means that the adventure had just begun.

Upon reaching the campsite we heard the gushing flowing of water in the river. As I drew nearer the river, the sound got louder and louder and when I looked at the left side, I finally had a glimpse of the beauty of Pinipisakan Falls.

The Pinipisakan Falls

Pinipisakan Falls, at this time of my adventures, you are the most beautiful of all waterfalls I have ever seen. The waterfalls I chased before, were all spectacular but this one is on the top of my list as to beauty and magnificence.

As I went nearer and nearer the falls to have a good view of it, I was stunned. Pinipisakan Falls was such a beauty. I just couldn’t believe that I was in front of it looking at an almost perfect creation. God is truly an amazing, brilliant artist, He created this wonder, the splendid Pinipisakan Falls.

If I had backed out of this trip because of fear, I would have missed seeing this beauty. From now on, I will take every chance and drop every fear.

To be continued . .

Me, Ate Kara of , Sir Joni the cavemaster of , Ate Sheila and Sir Gian of

Check this out:

This blog is just about 25% of our extreme adventure,  the remaining 75%  will be this video. So stay tuned for my next blog post. 😜

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How to go to Catbalogan (Samar Island):

You can refer here to this link :

How to get to Pinipisakan Falls:

Dealing with extreme adventures amazes me. It scares me to the max and the possibility of accomplishing what you thought was impossible is truly amazing. Reaching there, despite all the fears is victory.

So how to get there?

Ride a bus bound to Calbayog from Catbalogan bus terminal. Tell the conductor- driver that your drop off point is San Jorge, Samar. Before going to the falls, you need to get a permit in San Jorge Municipal Office and get prior coordination with local guides for security reasons.

After that, charter a habal-habal to take you up to Barangay Blanca Aurora. Then, ride a canoe or boat and experience upstream canoeing until you reach the drop off area. Then you have to hike for almost an hour to reach Pinipisakan Falls.


I have no idea how much you’ll spend on DIY (do it yourself ) basis when going to Pinipisakan Falls, but if you like a hassle-free adventure, book your tour with Trexplore the Adventures in the amount of Php 5,000.00 ($100.00 day tour only) which already includes the following :

  • Permits
  • Life vests/wetsuits
  • Transportation (from Catbalogan to Pinipisakan Falls and back to Catbalogan)
  • Food (Breakfast and lunch which is no doubt delicious)
  • Local porters
  • Trexplore guide
  • Certificates 
  • Photo documentations

What to bring?

  • Pack light so bring small packs and dry bags
  • Water container
  • Water and trail snack
  • Sunscreen for hike. (I use Sevensense sunblock spray because it’s non-sticky and white pigment free.)

    My sunscreen companion for my adventures.
  • Strong climbing or trekking shoe/sandal
  • Extra clothing
  • Waterproof Camera/Videocam

For bookings, tour packages and rate inquiries contact:

CAVE MASTER: Joni Abesamis Bonifacio
055-2512301 / 5438550
0919-294-3865 / 0927-675-0062


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them PINIPISAKAN FALLS. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.




Have you tried extreme adventures? If so, tell me about it.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.




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  1. […] As I went nearer and nearer the falls to have a good view of it, I was stunned. Pinipisakan Falls was such a beauty. I just couldn’t believe that I was in front of it looking at an almost perfect creation. God is truly an amazing, brilliant artist, He created this wonder, the splendid Pinipisakan Falls.  Read More:… […]


  2. What a long way to get to the falls. But as they say, the harder it gets, the greater the reward. I also loved your long exposure shots. I hope I could learn taking those kinds of photos


  3. multi tier falls are always spectacular and i love the return journey by the stream that was undertaken , I am a photographer and hence loved seeing the visuals


  4. Ang ganda! I love chasing waterfalls. Do you know, I refer back to you for travel ideas? And then I check if the parish priest needs someone to give a talk or a recollection. So I travel with a purpose. haha! So keep posting!


  5. Mura man og si little red riding hood ang naa sa featured photo! Haha. Na amaze ko that I learned something about you. Hehe. Based sa imo travels and adventures, I saw you as someone who is fearless pero reading this post kay nakahibaw ko nga mali diay akong perception. Hehe. Anyway, nindot kaayo ang falls ba. Amazing murag kurtina nga ambot basta nindot. Hahaha


  6. Glyyyyy!!! This is soooper gorgeous!! Btw. Ill be in Cebu this June. How can we speak privately? I need your help for the iti!!! Hehe. You are the expert there kasi I wish you can help me! 😊😊😊

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