Exploring Calbayog : My First Time to Travel Solo… And What Went Wrong?

I remember last 2016 I traveled for the first time in Catbalogan in the Island of Samar where I celebrated my extended birthday extremely — extremely in the sense that I spent three days there — exploring, living and sleeping inside the biggest  cave in the Philippines, the Langon Gobingob Cave. Not only that, I also biked around the town, tried canyoning in Bangon Falls and fell down and got dirty in Lobo Cave and a lot more daring and extreme adventures. (Read this blog so that you’ll know how really extreme my adventures were). Even though I traveled alone to Catbalogan, I didn’t think of it as solo travel because it was an organized and well-prepared activity cared of  trexplore.ph with the safe guidance of Sir Joni Bonifacio. That trip ended up as myself being a joiner of some thrilling adventures. Thus I got to know, meet and socialize with different people from different parts of the Philippines who shared the same sentiment of love for adventures as I did.

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But this time, this particular trip to Calbayog, another beautiful town in Samar, was truly a solo travel feat. For the first time I ventured alone, without any companions although I met some strangers or locals. I didn’t even  have an itinerary, at all! HAHA! I mean I didn’t even read blogs on what I would see in Calbayog, except on Facebook where I saw pictures of waterfalls and  ziplines, my top priorities. I just wanted to be astonished with myself,  if I was really capable of doing this solo madness. I wanted to embrace the unknown and let my ventures surprise me.  I just had to rely on my spontaneity and luck on what I would be going to experience on this whirlwind of activities.

Soooooo here yaaaaa go!  Here’s my chasing potatoes’ adventure …


My starting point was SR Bed and Breakfast where I got the chance to ride in this tricycle that would transport me to my destinations.



Calbayog is one of the cities in the Philippines that had been colonized by the Spaniards. That’s why Catholicism made its mark in this city. Churches and several establishments that have stood until this time, still show some structural forms and designs of the Spanish era — truly, one Spanish heritage site. 


The tour wouldn’t be complete without seeing the churches of Calbayog. So, my first stop was visiting Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral Diocese of Calbayog. I was amazed by the locals in Calbayog because they preserved and maintained this historical site rather than demolished buildings to give rise to modern ones.


Pot-pot is a  pedicab that seemingly looks like a mini calesa without a horse maneuvered by bike pedals. When you are in Samar or Leyte, you will see this mode of transportation. It is named pot-pot because of the sound it produces. Just don’t ever leave the place without riding a pot-pot for a unique travel experience.


This church is located inside a school, Christ the King College. If you want to come for a visit, be sure to wear decent attire. Wearing of shorts, sleeveless or any skimpy outfits is prohibited.



Still inside the school, just near the Christ the King College Chapel, is another tourist spot, the Antonio’s Garden and Butterfly Sanctuary. Unfortunately, when I got there, it was closed for viewing.


Calbayog City is best known for its tasty, freshly-made smoked fish, commonly called tinapa. Due to the abundance of the fish called Anduhaw, the cooks in Calbayog  prepare and preserve it through the slow method of smoking.  When I went to  Ping Ping Store, a pasalubong center that sells tinapa, I was able to witness the process of making this delicious smoked fish.
When you buy tinapa make sure to wrap and cover it tightly because it has a distinct smell which is unfavorable to some people. By the way, Ping Ping Store sells not only tinapa but also a wide array of Samar delicacies. 

One way to make this tinapa more appetizing is to fry it, partnered with tomatoes and onions, then dip it in soy sauce and vinegar. I tell you, this will surely bring out your appetite and you’ll probably request for another cup of rice. Goodbye diet… Haha! 



Finally, I was able to tick this off in my bucketlist. This adrenaline pumping adventure in Calbayog shouldn’t be missed because it is such an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. I never thought I would be able to overcome my fear. I was glad I did it and not let my fear drown me.
After registering and listening to instructions and information about this zipline ordeal, I had to climb along the 915-meter steep ridges in Malajog. I was literally out of breath when I reached the summit. But the spectacular view of the sea, the Daraja Islet and the beach in Malajog calmed and relaxed my nerves. I was in awe with the scenery that made me forget the frightening thrills of riding a zipline. 
The view in the summit of Malajog Ridge
From 915-meter trek to the summit, I went down to 750-meter travel in zipline to Daraja Islet. Because of this zipline adventure, I now have a glimpse of the feeling of flying like a superman. It seemed that in soaring above I was able to taste superficially a snippet of heaven. What a great time to be alive! I will make a detailed blog post about this experience, so stay tuned. 
Daraja Islet


Because I had limited time, I wasn’t able to explore this place but I was able to capture the spot where the boats docked. These boats will transport passengers to the Malopalo Marble Park. I asked the driver of my trike what was worth seeing in Malopalo Marble Park. He said that it’s a place of stunning marble rock formations and verdant forests that surround Malajog River. One can roam around, explore and go swimming in Malajog River and if you are brave enough, go spelunking since a great cave is also located in this place.


Samar is dubbed as the caving capital in the Philippines. That’s why I was really fortunate to experience not just one cave but four caves in this province. And here’s more. Calbayog which is one of the towns in  Samar is also called the city of waterfalls. This province is blessed to have brimming natural resources. 

After a 30-minute habal habal ride and a 30-minute  trek,  I got to visit two magnificent waterfalls, Bangon Falls and Tarangban Falls. Waterfalls never cease to amaze me. That’s why I always make it a point to visit this kind of water form because I get to take negative ions which is good for body mind and soul wherever I go. My remedy for my heartaches… charot.



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I’ll make again another detailed blog post about these falls, because these beauties deserve a spotlight, so stay tuned. 
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I recommend S&R Bed & Breakfast located in National Highway, Brgy. Policarpo, Calbayog City, Samar. It is only a10-minute drive from the airport. Aside from the comfy stay they also serve free delicious breakfast, and tinapa is one dish in the list.
Tel. No. (055) 533-9026
Cell No. +63 905 360 8398
Email: srbedbreakfast@anasiantraveler.com
S & R Bed and Breakfast
Comfy bed
Room rates
If you want to go and experience these places first-hand and without hassle, you may ask the manager of S & R Bed and Breakfast to book for you a tricycle to have a tour around Calbayog.


So before I end this blog, I’d like you to know that I made a vlog about my exploration around the town of Calbayog. I apologize in advance for my awkwardness, but believe me I tried.  I’m not good in speaking too, so please bear with me. HEHE 🙂 .If you do like my video don’t forget to subscribe my YouTube channel  CHASING POTATOES Thank you so much. 🙂 ♥


This happened on my scheduled day in going back to Cebu.

I miscalculated my time. It was already 4 pm when I arrived at the van terminal to get a ride in going to the Calbayog Pier where I would board a ship in going back to Cebu. When I got there, there were no more vans
heading to the port. And that was a misfortune for I couldn’t catch my trip back home. I was petrified. I was scared of being stranded because I had limited moneeeeeey already. Oh, God…😳

Then a guy approached me, telling me that he was a tricycle driver and negotiated with me. He would take me to the port with a higher fare.  I eventually agreed because I felt I had no more choice. 

So I sat back, relaxed and the trip went on.  I even enjoyed the sights along the road. And then the sun started to descend and darkness enveloped the earth. That was when I started to get panicky. Like shit… 😱

It had been a loooonng time and we were still jaunting and the destination was yet so faaaaar. The road was kind of dark, the streetlights were sort of dim and so distant from each other and I seldom saw people, car, houses, etc. and the network signal was limited or nowhere to be found. 

I feared that I made a wrong decision. I was scared! What if this was a scam.  What if this was a modus, that he would rob me, kidnap me or worse kill me. And if that happens, God forbid, nobody will ever know. I was terrified of the horrible thoughts running in my head.  I maybe exaggerating but seriously I was freaking out. It was so so so far!!! And when I tried to converse with the driver he only answered my questions and that’;s all. My questions were mostly, are we near there? Aren’t we there yet…. Are we almost there ????…(Shrek, I feel you, haha far far far away 🤢!!!!) 

Then I saw tinges of warm lights, and as we got nearer and nearer, I could see the face of the port,  I could hear the honk of the ship and the smell of the sea breeze. At lassssst, I was freeeeeee from my blood-cuddling and spine-chilling thoughts! When I arrived, I even gave the driver a tip for the
safe journey despite my hallucinations and silent and erroneous judgment of him. Hahaha! 

What went wrong was that I thought wildly and judged people wrongly although I was trusting at the start. What I learned from this adventure was that, it’s OK to have fear because it somehow protected me but I must not think too much.  I created a problem that wasn’t even there in the first place. I should have just trusted the process and enjoyed the ride. Lastly, I have to read blogs and articles before the trip for it can really, as in really, help me to plan ahead and manage my trip. Hahahahha… So maybe next time, if I would try solo travelling again I’d do some research na!! 😜

After a few minutes I boarded the ship, and looked for my deck. Then the ship suddenly departed and sailed away to Cebu. So long Calbayog, thank you for the memories and for the learnings. 😍



How about you? Have you tried solo traveling in Calbayog? 🤣 Tell me about your story.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.



Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in CALBAYOG, SAMAR. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potatoes adventure.



Thanks for visiting. 🙂






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