Php 25.00 ($0.44) – A Twenty-Peso Paradise: A Quick Visit to My Fave Beach. Guess where?

The Weather Forecast announced that the day will have wavy and windy seas and that was the day I was scheduled to go back to reality, I mean Cebu City. Obviously, this anxious mind was expecting to sail back on rough seas. Fortunately, Harold’s friends also came to visit Bantayan Island, so this distraction kept my mind away from overthinking about the boat journey, haha! 😄 We’ve got to see these friends. It wasn’t right and proper for us to leave Bantayan for Cebu City without seeing them, so much so that it was their first time to set foot on the island. We wanted to tour them around but with the very limited time we just brought them to my favourite place in Santa Fe.


Of all the words to write on the wall, why did they [the people who vandalized] have the audacity to ruin these “ruins”? Why didn’t they just draw some artsy stuff instead of defaming words like BTS BIOT! Some people may think this is just a joke or not a big deal at all, so why make a fuss about it? But there might be some fans who would be angered by this, right? To all KPOP fans out there, please don’t get mad. Keep your cool and don’t cancel Bantayan Island, haha!

Anyway, first, we stopped over at the ruins. From my own point of view, this is one of the beautiful indicators that one has visited Bantayan. What I mean here is, when photos of Bantayan beaches are posted on social media platforms without captions and the locations aren’t tagged, one cannot tell that they were taken in Bantayan Island. But if these ruins serve as background of someone’s photo, for sure, the viewer could easily tell that the person in the photo has been in Bantayan Island. This particular place was made popular by the movie entitled “Camp Sawi”. The people flocked to the place for picture-taking purposes. Who would have thought that ruins like these can turn into something aesthetic for eyes to gaze upon. My fave photo of the ruins. Click here…👉

We almost got lost locating my fave beach because it had been awhile that I haven’t gone home to Bantayan Island due to this freaking COVID 19 virus. Thank God for brilliant people who created vaccines to stop the spread of this pandemic, I was finally able to go back home without fear of being infected or having to infect others. Speaking of great minds, I am also equally grateful to the inventors of Google maps who make navigating to places so easy and peasy to enable my dull mind to remember the passage to paradise, haha!

The unpaved and muddy road leading to the beach gave our car and driver a hard time maneuvering, but as soon as we arrived, I hopped out of the car and hurriedly ran to the beach, letting Harold pay the entrance fees. I was surprised of the entrance fee of just Php 25.00 per person when before it was Php 50.00. Maybe it was because we were there for just a very short visit. I really didn’t know, we were just lucky for this minimal entrance fee.

FINALLY, I’m in Paradiso Campsite, my ever favorite beach in Santa Fe! Do you know why I love this beach? It’s because it has few establishments. It has only a small store that sells some food, snacks and refreshments and some stuff for rent like tents, kayaks and other fun things to do in the beach. There are some wooden cottages and a wide campground for putting up tents or having picnics. At the edge of the campground is a cliff where there is a stair. At high tide, one can dare jump from the cliff directly to the sea. The cliff is not really that high. There’s hardly any shade as there are just a few coconuts and other trees. But I wouldn’t mind the heat as long as I see this ever enthralling scenes of my fave beach.

All I can say is that this place is pristine. It has retained much of its rustic beauty, no fancy decors and structures unlike some other beach resorts. No one can tell if this natural beauty would last. It might change someday with more man-made developments. But I’m truly grateful to have visited this place in it’s almost natural state.

Then I saw a familiar face—Khevin Rex! We used to go on several hiking sessions before. He asked why I was not writing anymore when there are people waiting for me to post my blogs and are wanting to read them. I was shocked to hear this and responded to him that I was busy and had no more time for blogging. Silently, I said to myself, I’m no longer blogging because my confidence is waning as I’m aging and getting fat. HAHAHA! People will no longer read my blog because there are a lot of bloggers out there who put a lot of creative stuff in their contents. Here I am, writing like a child, “abog ra ko sa kaIibutan.” (I am just a speck of dust in this complex universe.) I am irrelevant in this society. HAHA!😄 This blog simply serves as my journal to preserve memories. Anyway, the short encounter with an acquaintance somehow boosted my self-esteem to write again, even just this one, plain and simple. Thanks, Khevin for that quick chat that ignited this burnt-out passion. It was nice seeing you. 💖

As I headed toward the beach, I was stunned, speechless! The sight of the sea took my breath away. It was so calm and peaceful. Not a tinge of a white foamy wave could be seen. A weather forecast is just a forecast! It should not be taken with so much seriousness, otherwise, you will worry and your day will be destroyed.

I’m not wearing a beach outfit because we didn’t have plans of going swimming. We were really going back to Cebu City. So many wishes sprouting in my head. I wish I could have swam the sea… I wish I could make the time go slow so that I could spend more time in this nice place.

Ghaaaad, the beach is really an ideal place to visit! It’s a therapeutic place that soothes my nerves and calms down my worried mind even in this fleeting moment.

This quick visit to my favorite beach made me desire to leave my work and just live here in Bantayan Island where, I believe, I will be healthy and stress free. But, ooohhh, why is money needed for survival? I have longed to go home and be with my family. Reality sucks! I really loathe these feelings of nostalgia and the need to earn in order to survive. I think I’m suffering from existential crisis. HAHAHA!

At 3:30 P.M. we arrived at the port. It was departure time already. I thought we would not be allowed to board the ship but fortunately we did. And the sea was not even wavy. I think, I should stop relying on weather forecasts. Knowing these forecasts just heightened my anxiety. LOL! And it’s not even helping, bwahahaha!

I’ll end this blog with this beautiful sunset that I captured during our boat journey bound for Cebu City. The sight enlightened me to trust the Lord’s ways that things will come out right and my heart’s desire will find fulfillment in His time. It may not be smooth sailing all the time but I’m certainly going to get there. Charize!


If you plan to go to PARADISO CAMPSITE, I have already made a blog about this on how to get there. DETAILS HERE!



Thanks for reading. ♥

How about you? Have you visited PARADISO CAMPSITE?  What’s your favorite beach and what makes it your fave one? Tell me about your story.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in BANTAYAN ISLAND.  I wonder what place will they be venturing next for these little mischiefs love to give delicate challenges and if you do love to accept the challenge, you may support here 👉   Let’s catch them all  for the next chasing potatoes adventure.

Thanks for reading my blog and watching my vlog.❤️

Stay safe and take care.



P.S. I put a lot of effort in taking these photos and I placed hidden watermarks in all of them, so please don't download them freely without asking permission. If you want to feature my photos without watermark, just message me.




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