(UPDATED 2019) 13 Plus Ways to Experience Bantayan to the Fullest

13 Plus Ways to Experience Bantayan to the Fullest

          I am not a well- founded writer, I am not even good in translating my thoughts into words and to express myself correctly for I don’t have a rich vocabulary to aptly describe the ideas in my mind. Neither do I have profound ideas, great insights and creative concepts; but one thing is truly accurate, I love blogging.

          I am so fond of blogging that I just realized I have been sharing my perceptions by way of brief entries for almost a year and a quarter (4 years now haha 😂) This favorite pastime of mine has inspired me to live by the name of “The Wanderlust Keeper”. I have the desire to go places and experience the thrills along the way, learn something new and expand the keepings of my wanders.

          I love to visit other places but…wherever I go, nothing really beats the place where my heart is, my home, my island paradise, Bantayan Island.

          For many years I have lived in Bantayan, but I didn’t have the drive to wander out. But now, it’s different from before. So I would like to share my recent tour in Bantayan. Here are 13 ways to experience Bantayan to the fullest.

1. Swim in a Cave

          As far as I know, there are two resorts in Bantayan Island that offer swimming in a cave but there are still caves in Bantayan that seldom visited by tourist. I just learned that there’s another cave in Barangay Tamiao called Hydra Cave.

          The entrance fee is 20.00 Php only. Why not try Hydra and enjoy swimming in it?

          Hydra Cave is privately owned, but it is open to those who want to see and/or swim in it for a minimal fee. To preserve its beauty and to prohibit trespassers, it is enclosed by a fence.

          It has a small cave opening, but inside, the space is as big as  house which can accommodate to 25 to 30 people.

          The water in the cave can reach 9 ft. deep if its high tide. During low tide the water is 5 to 6 ft. deep. The cave rocks are “alive and growing” meaning some stalagmites and stalactites are visible.

          If you want to experience an enjoyable and safe swimming in a cave, try Ogtong Cave in Santa Fe and Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort in Tamiao where you can also avail of other amenities. 🙂



2. Stroll in Kota Park,Lawis

          Kota which means fort was originally built by the Spaniards during the 1790’s and it was used as a camp and watchtower. What remained after many years were the ruins of the Kota. The Kota was later on transformed into a park where artifacts and relics were displayed. Unfortunately, Earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda destroyed the Kota Park. It is presently closed for viewing.

          See the colorful wooden letters on the shore. They spell LAWIS, the old name of Madridejos. This painted wood and the ruins of Kota Park are nice sights to perceive.

          In additional there is the Bontay Boardwalk, a 187 meter-footbridge connecting the shore to a lighthouse or watch balcony. Taking a walk through the bridge and looking around are just perfect moments  to relax, enjoy the view and smell the sea breeze.

🙂 🙂

3. Get Lost in the Quarry in Kabangbang, Bantayan

          Many tourists don’t even know this. The quarry done by the locals has created a magnificent view of rock formations, a picturesque view of a mountain. It is another scene that tourist must visit in Bantayan . It’s like in the series of Breaking Bad where Walter White hid his money, lol. haha!

          It’s just a ten-minute ride from Poblacion Bantayn to reach the Quarry.

🙂 🙂 🙂

4. Eat a Sumptuous Lunch of Sea Foods from Bantayan Wet Market

          Take a break from pork and other meat once in a while. Try to consume the newly cooked seafood bought from Bantayan Wet Market. As for seaweeds, some may be eaten raw. The seafoods are freshly caugth or gathered from the sea and transported to the wet market for sale. Even vegetarians can have a fill of seaweeds like “Goso and Lato”


Nom! Nom! Nom! 🙂 🙂

5. Saunter into the Mangrove Sanctuary in Obo-ob, Bantayan

          Mangroves play a vital role in the preservation of the ecosystem. Take time to visit the mangrove sanctuary in Obo-ob and see what the people there have contributed to save the marine resources of Mother Earth.Aside from the different species of mangroves you can see lots of marine animals around the area.

          Despite the destruction caused by Typhoon Yolanda, several mangroves have managed to survive and had made our saunter pleasant and worthwhile.

          Entrance fee :  50.00 Php

🙂 🙂

6. Relax with the Fish Spa in Marikaban, Sta. Fe.

          Never would I thought that this exist in Bantayan  and please note that this is free! AWESOME! No entrance free no charges! Absolutely free. This was one of my favorite places in my Bantayan tour. I could stay here for a day!

          So sit down , put your legs in the water relax and let loose and enjoy while the fishes are busy slurping their meal.(dead skin I guess)

          Maybe these fishes have limited space to swim and inadequate food to eat, these  may be the reasons why they greedily feed on whatever objects gets into the water.

           The name of the place is Langub.

Langub, Marikaban

Langub, Marikaban

🙂 🙂 🙂

  • *These photos were taken last 2016. Sad to say the place wasn’t taken care well of, that’s why you will  see a lots of trashes in the area today. The place is already dirty. 😦 😥

7. Swim in the Waters of Santa Fe

          There are number of great and beautiful beaches in Santa Fe, but let me stress this, if you re on a tight budget but you want to go swimming in the sea for free, go to Tingtingon of Barangay Marikaban of Santa Fe. After all the sea water of anywhere has the same salty taste, lol.

🙂 🙂

8. Experience Holy Week in Bantayan

          Holy Week is an annual event. A great number of people come to Bantayan during this time and that is why Holy Week has been mistakenly believed as the fiesta of Bantayan.

          Please be aware that the town fiesta falls on June 29 and our patron saints are Saints Peter and Paul.

          Expect a lot of people during Holy Week. The population is more than doubled. You may either be a spectator of the big caros or you may join the procession.

Holy Week in Bantayan

Holy Week in Bantayan

Holy Week in Bantayan

🙂 🙂 🙂

9. Visit the Church and Museum

           ♦ Saints Peter and Paul Parish is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines, a historical treasure to marvel. This year it will be 444 years old. (Please correct me if I am wrong.)

          ♦ The Bantayan Museum showcases antique religious articles, garments and works of art made by known Bantayanon artists. If you want to know why Bantayanons eat meat on Good Friday, visit the museum and see the old document showing the Pope’s dispensation giving Bantayanons that special permission.

          I think the dispensation has lost its validity because it was issued centuries ago, but some Bantayanons continue to practice this tradition.

         Holy Week in Bantayan

10. Have a Meal of  “Tagu-Angkan”

          Tagu-angkan is from the chicken’s womb where egg is formed. It is barbecued or grilled. It tastes like an egg. Some people in Cebu City don’t know about this. That’s why if ever we have visitors, we offer this Tagu-angkan barbecue.

You can have a meal of Tagu-angkan Barbecue for ( 35.00 Php-50.00 Php )

🙂 🙂 🙂

11. Never Miss a Chance to See Sunset

For those of you who like to chase sunsets, you can witness these equally beautiful  sights at Sta. Fe, Bantayan and Madridejos. With the right weather, you can capture  stunning photos. Here are my example of my sunset photos captured in this island.

Taken at Sta. Fe
Taken at Bantayan
Taken at Madridejos

12. Have Fun at the Beach

I love wandering on any of the beautiful beaches that Bantayan Island offers. Walking alone on the fine white sand, viewing the spectacular tropical scenery, watching the waves kiss the shore are perfect ways to beat the heat this summer.

13. Other Places To Visit

Camp Sawi
Big Cross ( Photo credits to Niña Jeanne Pescante )
Visit Virgin Island ( New blog about the travel guide to Virgin Island https://chasingpotatoes.com/2019/03/09/virgin-island-in-bantayan-island-travel/)
 This is in Paradise Beach Campsite. Entrance Fee is P50.00. How to get there, check this link  https://chasingpotatoes.com/2018/06/30/paradiso-campsite-in-bantayan-island/
Siyogan in Bantayan Island https://chasingpotatoes.com/2019/03/09/virgin-island-in-bantayan-island-travel/
Beach Montemar Travel Guide https://chasingpotatoes.com/2019/10/22/montemar-beach-resort-bantayan-bound-again-and-sharing-some-of-my-fave-photos-and-i-hated-as-well/

            ♦ Bantayan Island has 3 municipalities, namely Santa Fe, Bantayan, and Madridejos.

            Some of the nice spots mentioned here are located in the interiors parts of Barangay. They are not along the highways. Just ask people for directions.

            You can do this by renting a motorbike, tricycle or even a car. (P500.00-P2,000.00) price range for the tour. It depends upon what transportation you’re going to use. I prefer motorbike which has a lot for rent in Sta. Fe)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

🙂 🙂 🙂

          Thanks again to Nina for this awesome joyride and to your Uncle Aljon for driving us safely. 🙂 🙂 🙂

How to go to Bantayan?

If you are in Cebu City, go to North Bus Terminal look for a bus with Hagnaya on its sign board

Airconditonned Bus – Php 193.00 

 Non-Airconditoned Bus – Php 154.00

In Hagnaya Port, pay Php 10.00 terminal fee and Php 185.00  ferry ticket for Santa Fe

The ferry ride will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the port of Santa Fe.   


In Santa Fe Port, go to the tourism office, just follow the  covered walkway in going there. Then pay Php 30.00 for the Ecological Fee.

Then you are in Bantayan Island. Take a jeepney or tricycle for the town of Bantayan. It will cost you Php 30.00.

Another option is to take a Ceres Bus at the North Bus Terminal which will go directly at Bantayan. The fare is Php 230.00 excluding the ferry fare.

♦If you like a fastest way to reach Bantayan Island, you may ride a fast craft ferry (fully airconditionned and free wifi)

      • Php 220.00- Premium Economy
      • Php 400.00- VIP Class
        • Hangaya to Santa Fe
          • 08:30 AM
          • 12:00 NN
          • P3:30 PM
        • Santa Fe to Hagnaya
          • 10:00 AM
          • 02:00 PM
          • 05:00 PM
            • For reservation in Hagnaya 0943-1310-849 Julieto Sibonga
            • Santa Fe 0923-7208-730 Lorna Bayarcal



    Additional tip 

Put sunblock to avoid  sunburn while touring around the island. (I use Sevensense sunblock spray because it’s non-sticky, white pigment free and preservative free.)

My sunscreen companion for my adventures.

© Rainjai_gp for some pics.

Featured photo credits to Joms Santos ( @whereisjoms)

         What suggestions can you give to make this Bantayan Tour more enjoyable and worthwhile? I would love to hear from you.  🙂