PARADISO CAMPSITE (Paradise Beach Campsite,2021) in Bantayan Island : Simple Yet Exuding Extraordinary Splendour

A male friend of mine, once told me that the Philippines, being an archipelago have beaches and islands that are almost the same in physical features. According to him, one can see similar sights anywhere in the Philippines. For instance, the islands here are embraced with palm groves, great white beaches, clear turquoise seawater, long stretch of sandbars and coastlines, etc. 🏝

He told me that it’s just a waste of money to travel to those places. It is much better to save the money and spend it in travelling to another country where one can see different sceneries in different seasons and experience different cultures.

 Yes, he may sound right. 

Some may have the same opinion as his. But in my case, I take a different perspective.

So I told him that I travel to those places, spend my money hopping from island to island because of the feeling of joy and contentment that travelling gives me. It is my way of escaping from stress and negativities. ❤ The stories and experiences during the phases of going to local places are some of the things that I look forward to. It is also the moment to be crazy especially when I am with friends. So many reasons… Basta, I just love being in the beach or in any island in the Philippines. PERIOD! Island girl kumbaga! HAHA! Sometimes travelling even to a familiar destination has its charms. It’s comfortable and secure and sometimes it can lead to a more fulfilling vacation.

He just kept mum with my reasons.

I told him that there will come a time when we can get out of the country and conquer the world but this time let’s just waste this weekend in the beach under this maddening heat of the sun, be crazy with the company of friends and enjoy every bit of time in Bantayan Island.

Yes, Bantayan Island again!

Eventually he agreed to join me to travel in what he referred to as “the-same-physical-features-that-every-island-in-the –Philippines-offers”. HAHA…Dzaaah! Kuyog man diay, haha! 😂😛

Anyway, here I am with my friends in our sweet escapade in Bantayan Island.

 It was a long weekend. Even though I am already familiar with Bantayan Island because I come from here and have toured it, I still like to venture it again and again. And this time my friends and I went to one place only, the Paradiso Campsite.


Paradiso Campsite located in Marikaban, Santa Fe is just a few minutes away from Santa Fe Port. It is adjacent to Paradise Beach Resort now called Sandira Beach Resort. Anyone who wants to come here may rent a scooter for about 100-500 pesos and pay an entrance fee of 50 pesos. In our case, we came here because vehicles are allowed to park inside the resort, so there was no need for us to trek. We were just a bunch of lazy people. HAHA! 😂


Paradiso Campsite has a narrow coastline because it is composed of sharp rocks, cliffs and cave-like coves. During low tide, the white fine sand is noticeable but when it is high tide the seawater is conspicuously deep, and if you are an adrenaline junkie it’s perfect for you to jump from the cliff but just be mindful of the rocks. Some of my friends really jumped from the cliff and they had much fun.


The turquoise and clear water here is evidently spectacular. We started our dip in the water when it was high tide and we were still in there when the water subsided. We got out of it when the tide was really low. Imagine how long we were in the sea! We ate our snacks, linagang saging and seashells(sikad-sikad, bangkawil) and drank sodas in the sea. (And of course no trashes were left behind.) Goofy jokes and exciting stories were shared by everyone and laughter filled the air and smiles were visible in our faces. We really had a good time and enjoyed everyone’s company.

Not only that! I saw diverse marine creatures as well. That’s why I didn’t regret that I brought my own mask and snorkel.


True to its name, Paradiso Campsite, has a good campground. I wished we would have stayed overnight. It would be a great experience watching the sky full of stars and listening to the lullaby of the waves of the sea and staying inside the tent chitchatting with friends accompanied by booze of beers and merriment. But anyhow, as the sun started to descend to kiss the horizon it was also time for us to leave Paradiso.


My pictures here are just those of a typical millennial person — posing in different angles in this marvelous beach. Lol! 😂😂😂 As much as I denied that I travel just to take pictures, I simply can’t resist capturing snaps in this super beautiful place. HAHA! Anyway, here in my video are the full happenings of my friends and me in this sweet escape in Bantayan Island. If you do like this video, don’t forget to hit like and subscribe my youtube channel.


And lastly, this guy was all smiles. He looked so happy. He obviously had fun. I really won! Woooh! HAHA!😂 The soothing effect of nature, specifically the sea, captivated his heart and soul. I think he’s going to be an island boy na!!! Haha …Char lang! Thank you for joining this sweet escape of mine in Bantayan Island.


♦ If you are in Cebu City, go to North Bus Terminal look for a bus with Hagnaya on its sign board

  • Airconditioned Bus – Php 165.00
  • Non-Airconditioned Bus – Php 132.00

♦ In Hagnaya Wharf, pay Php 10.00 terminal fee and Php 180.00 ferry ticket for Santa Fe

  • The ferry ride will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the port of Santa Fe.

♦ In Santa Fe Port, go to the tourism office, just follow the  covered walkway in going there. Then pay Php 30.00 for the Ecological Fee.

♦ Then you are in Bantayan Island. Take a jeepney or tricycle for the town of Bantayan. It will cost you Php 30.00.

You may rent a motorbike to tour around Bantayan 100-500 Pesos.

♦ Another option is to take a Ceres Bus at the North Bus Terminal which will go directly at Bantayan. The fare is Php 230.00 excluding the ferry fare.


Paradiso Campsite is not located along the highway but it’s easy to find. Just ask people for directions or just follow this map. 🙂

Paradiso Campsite is located at: Brgy. Maricaban, 6047 Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines.

Latitude: 11.1465084871
Longitude: 123.781585693


(UPDATED 2021 NEW NORMAL) 13 Plus Ways to Experience Bantayan Island to the Fullest


A Twenty-Peso Paradise: A Quick Visit to My Fave Beach. Guess where?


  • Always leave no trace. Let us be responsible travelers. As a kid, I was taught by my mother to keep my trash inside  my bag. I have imbibed that lesson up to this day. That’s why, until now I practice it. It’s just a simple act but has a great impact for the environment. Just bring your trash and throw it to the garbage bin. Please! It’s just as easy as a snap of the fingers.
  • There’s a store and parking area. You can rent swimming gears like mask, snorkels, life vests, etc. There are other amenities you can avail of and enjoy, so bring extra cash for that.

Day Use Entrance: P50.00
Overnight: P100.00

Bring your own Tent or Rent :
Two-person Tent P200.00
6-person Tent P650.00

Free use of Shower and Toilet/ Canteen with basic necessities /Cook for hire available upon request (P400.00 per day)

Contact Bugzy: (0977) 844 2622 General Manager

  •  Always check the weather. Since this place has a cliff, it is not advisable to go swimming here during strong winds or typhoon because you might get hit by the waves and smashed into the rough rocks.
  • Travelling is fun, but always protect your skin from the harsh heat of the sun. Always use sunblock before sun exposure. In my case I use  Sevensense Sunblock Spray because it’s non-sticky, fast absorbent, white pigment free and preservative free.

Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in PARADISO CAMPSITE. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.

How about you? Do you like to travel to a familiar place like an island here in the Philippines for a vacation? If so, tell me about your thoughts. If so, tell me about it.   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.

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  1. We’re going to Bantayan next year. Thanks for your blog! Very, very informative! Plus the pictures! Nakaka-excite! Gusto ko na hilahin ang Enero papunta dito haha.. Salamat! 🙂


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