LUGSANGAN PEAK (Casino Peak) : Let’s Go to Casino, Not To Play Poker, But To Climb It.

LUGSANGAN PEAK (Casino Peak): Let’s Go to Casino, Not To Play Poker,  But To Climb It



I’ve been living here in Cebu for about ten years now, but I haven’t been to this famous place ever. You may laugh at this revelation of mine for it may be just a simple matter to some. . I have already summited a number of mountains here in Cebu but I haven’t still made it on the top of the highest peaks here in the Queen City of the South. Yes, I haven’t climbed Osmeña Peak. HAHAHA! 😂 Now I’m laughing because this post is not even about Osmeña Peak. You may think I’m off-tangent, but I’m not, for the subject of this post stands on the same pinnacles as Osmeña Peak. (Yasssss 😻)

I’m sharing this now because, somehow, I have partly stepped foot on the highest highlands here in the province of Cebu, although I have not jaunted up that famous Osmeña Peak. At least, I have partially been to this famous place when I reached Casino Peak. 

To tell you honestly I was more enticed to climb Casino Peak not just for its breath-taking and beautiful scenery but for the strangeness of its name. I was curious why it was named Casino, (but I still want to climb you, Osmeña, please wait for me.) So this was not just a plain hike but also a quest to find the reasons behind that mountain’s name.

The peaks of Casino and Osmeña are  located at the ranges of Barangay Mantalongon, Dalaguete. Fortunately the road in going there is already concreted so our van from Omnia Bellus travelled smoothly up to the mountains.

When we reached the drop off area we eventually started our hike. The verdant scenery of the mountain ranges of Mantalongon met my naked eyes. The green geographical landscapes that dominated the view was a sight to behold.


So we trudged and followed the trail until we reached the base point of Casino Peak. We would  hike a distance of 450 meters to be able to reach the apex. But even in between the hike, we could already witness the view of the surroundings hills and mountains that had a likeness of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol.

Photo credits to The Bisdak Explorer (
Photo credits to The Bisdak Explorer (

When we were almost at the top, we made sure we trekked cautiously not because  of the mountain’s somewhat rocky terrain but because of the cabbages and carrots planted in the soil in the nooks  and corners of the rocks.

And on our final ascent we were greeted even more by the magnificent and breath-taking view of the look-alike of chocolate hills.  The residents here are very lucky to be able to see this view everyday.  This somehow made me envious. How I wish I would live here, too!

Photo credits to The Bisdak Explorer (

The peak has a narrow space and not so many people can be on the summit at the same time. There are parts in the peak which have rocky passageways where both sides are deep cliffs. Just watch this video.

Here’s my theory on how Casino got its name.


It is called Casino because climbing it is a gamble, you may succeed or fail in this venture. You take the risk of summiting the peak of this mountain — you might fall on the cliffs as you carelessly walk on the way or you might reach the top successfully and gloriously Hahaha! JK! 😂

History? Here’s what I found out.

“The reason why  it is called Casino Peak is because the summit served as a hideaway for locals during the Japanese occupation and they would play a game of head and tails locally known as “hantak”. This kind of gambling is very simple as one player would toss three coins and land them against a stone, then the remaining players would bet either head or tail. If all coins show head, the player who betted head wins. Since Casino is associated with gambling, the peak was named Casino Peak. Interesting, right?!’’

–based from Vivomigsgee (


Maybe it’s because of the land ownership.

“I got a chance to ask one of the locals who happened to actually clean their carrot farm who said that the peak was named after the owner of the land named “Seno”. Locals said it was “Kang Seno” or “Ka Seno”, a Visayan term meaning “Owned by Seno”. “This is how the name “Ka Seno” or the present  “Casino” came to be.”

–taken from The Little Lai – (

Maybe it’s called Casino because people like to do POKER faces lol! hahahah

Hmm,  whatever reasons behind its name, I think Casino is a nice name. 🙂 😀

According to one of the comments here in my blog that Casino Peak is not the official name for this mountain but instead it’s Lugsangan Peak (because it’s located in Brgy. Lugsangan) which is already registered in Dalaguete Tourism. Casino was just named by a small group of people. But for me in my opinion, I prefer the name Casino because it’s easy to say and remember and the name of it can make people curious leading them to climb that mountain. Anyway, Casino or Lugsangan Peak, whatever your name is, one thing for sure, you are one of the beautiful peaks I’ve ever visited.

Here’s my vlog about Casino Peak. I didn’t just post about climbing up the Casino Peak but I also I had a vlog about Carenderia ni Eton in Argao where we savored the tastiest grilled chicken in town. Then we went back to Cebu City to have a massage and to relax at the same time in The Spa of Omnia Bellus. And lastly, we went to Ampersand and had dinner and tried their signature cocktail which was very smooth and super delicious.

Book your tour now in Travels by Omnia Bellus and get to see and discover everything beautiful in Cebu.

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How to get to Casino Peak

Option 1. If you want to have a hassle free ride, book your tour now with Travels by Omnia Bellus. They would  not only take you to this beautiful Casino Peak but also to many other beautiful places here in Cebu.

 FB page of Travels by Omnia Bellus

Photo credits to The Bisdak Explorer (

Option 2. If you want to take the adventure side…take a bus bound to Dalaguete junction and then take a habal habal to Lugsangan. Bus fare is Php 120.00 and for that of the habal habal depends on your negotiation since there’s no fixed rate.  I think Php 150.00 is enough.

There is a Php 30.00  environmental fee.

Important Note to Consider 

  • You may or may not hire guides. There are kids in the area willing to tour you around. The guide fee also depends on how much you will willingly give them.
  • Always bear in mind the “leave no trace” policy and be mindful of every step you take so as not to step on the carrots and other vegetables along the way.
  • Always prioritize your safety. The summit has narrow space. Always be careful and mindful of whatever step you take on the summit.
  • The trail going to the peak has no trees thus no shade at all. Always protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by wearing proper clothes and by applying sunblock.  I use Sevensense sunblock spray because it’s non-sticky, white pigment free and preservative free.)

    My sunscreen companion for my adventures.


Those naughty potatoes roll so fast that I could hardly catch up with them in CASINO PEAK. I wonder what place will they be venturing next. So stay tuned for my next chasing potato adventure.


Have you tried climbing this mountain? What’s your story about it?   I would love to hear from you? Please connect thru  my FB page and Instagram. Join me in my adventure and misadventure. Let’s chase those potatoes. OH YESSS! Thanks for visiting.






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  1. Maayo pa ka chasing patotoes na reached nimo ang peak. Unfortunately, the name you promote here is unofficial, that just the name given by small groups of people.” Lugsangan Peak” is the name registered sa Dalaguete Tourism. Thank you for visiting the chocolate hills of Dalaguete Cebu!

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  2. Ang galing!!!! Pinakamahirap na na naakyat ko yata is yung Pico De Loro nahiya ako hahahha. Ang galing mo at fresh na fresh kahit naghike ka na ng matagal???!?!?! Paano yan! ahhahaha ako nasa jump off palang haggard na eh. hahah


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