A lighthouse is a tower containing a beacon light to guide the directions of boats/sea vessels. It helps mariners in case of misnavigation and leads them back to safety. Lighthouses or the locally called parolas are not new to Filipinos. The Philippines being an archipelago consisting of 7107 islands and islets has a number of lighthouses erected on some of these islands. People living along the shores are familiar with these lighthouses. Every lighthouse has a story to tell. This makes me interested to visit a lighthouse in Liloan, Cebu. It is called Bagacay Point Lighthouse.

Parola sa Liloan : The Bagacay Point Lighthouse

          Bagacay Point Lighthouse was erected in 1904 by William Howard Taft on a lot reserved by him for the purpose of giving light to seafarers and fishermen. Standing on a height of 72 feet, it represents an influence of American architecture in the Philippines. It is more than century old. It reveals something about our history and culture, making it a spot worthy of tourist visit.

          So, my friends and I decided to take the chance to go there and experience a mini trip in this point in Northern Cebu. Weeeeeh!


How to get there…

          It’s an hour ride from Cebu City by bus, jeepney or taxi. We took the bus at North Bus Terminal because it’s more comfortable than jeepney and cheaper than taxi.
          The fare is P20.00.
If you take the bus, just tell the bus conductor your destination is the San Fernando Rey Church in LiloanBeside the church is the town sports complex where many tricycles park and wait for passengers. In our case, we used the “pakyaw” system so that we could be assured that the tricycle driver will take us to the PAROLA and get us back at the specified time. The cost of the “pakyaw” was P100. (In going back to Cebu City, you can take any of the jeepneys that park near the church. The fare is P18.)

          At the PAROLA, there is no entrance fee. Viewing it is absolutely free. AWESOME!


          My friends and I went there for photoshoots and for some side tripping around the Parola. It would have been great if we arrived there early morning so that we could witness the rising sun or in the afternoon in order to see the setting sun for a nice coloring effect in the pictures

          We went there from 9am to 12noon. I personally enjoyed the heat of the sun, despite the sunburns on my back. Reminder: Don’t forget to bring sunblock. The place was great — suited for engagement photos, fashion shoots, family gathering, or picnic with friends, or even for a date. Haha!

          I will surely go back there to complete my tour. I did not go down to see the other tower named “Bantayan sa Hari.” Anyway, I never thought I would learn something from history. It was like a blast in the past. The trip was well worth the effort and the time used. I never expected that it would give us a glimpse of our past.

DSC_4715DSC_4710DSC_4671DSC_4691DSC_4718 DSC_4687IMG_7014DSC_4621

         🙂  🙂  🙂

          The place has such a captivating charm not only to have some shots but also for some music video. We did both and thanks Niña for this awesome vid.


Thanks for visiting 🙂 🙂 🙂

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