Waterfalls Exploration in Southern Cebu for Less than 500 Pesos (FIRST STOP)

First Stop: Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan, Cebu


          Finally I’m out. I’m out and about to cross out the Cebu Waterfalls Exploration in my bucketlist. After a lot of uneventful times, canceled plans and unproductive moments, I finally can say I am living my life again. Wohoo! I’m back to the tracks of life; got back my train of inner thoughts, put the thoughts into words and pursue my life’s desires. This piece of writing should not be forgotten and ought to be shared to those who have not invaded the southern tip of Cebu especially in Ginatilan and Samboan.

First stop: Inambakan Falls, Ginatilan, Cebu

As early as 3:45 A.M., we were already aboard the Ceres Bus at the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Our bus was bound for Samboan by way of the Bato-Barili route. It would have been a 4 – 5-hour trip but since the bus driver was eager to drive fast, we arrived ahead of schedule.

          My friends and I arrived at the drop off point of Ginatilan Town Proper at 6:45 A.M. So, it was just a 3-hour ride. We roamed around the town and saw the St. Gregory Parish Church, municipal hall, park, market, etc. There was also the Chapel of St. Pedro Calungsod beside the church. It was believed that the hometown of St. Pedro Calungsod is Ginatilan. We had breakfast at Ginatilan Market.

Scripted Walk
The Walks of Life
Ginatilan Town
Ginatilan Town

          A number of “Habal-Habal” can be seen around the area. We decided to use them as our mode of transportation in going to Inambakan Falls. Remember, “Habal-Habal” fare depends upon your negotiation. In our case, we settled at Php 60.00 pesos each, back and forth.

     In my own experience, riding a “Habal-Habal” in going to Inambakan was one hell of a ride. It was like a 20-minute ride on a roller coaster. Damn!!! Those motorcycle drivers drove fast. Anyway, it was fun, deadly FUN!!! I was so relieved to reach the drop off point… Whew!!! I really can’t forget that horrifying experience. My blood was having adrenaline RUSH!!!

          Before going to the Inambakan Falls, there was an entrance fee of Php 10.00  per person. One has to walk about 10 minutes to reach the falls. Good thing, halfway of the trail was already cemented. But the funny thing was…We had tour guides. Can you guess who or what they were? DOGSSS!!! Yes, dogs. You got it right, haha! They really led us to the falls. There was nothing to worry. They were harmless little creatures. They lead people to the falls because they know they will be fed there.

Tour guides in Inambakan Falls (dogS!)

          At last, the waterfalls! Inambakan Falls with its astounding height of approximately 100 feet was a lovely sight to behold. Its water plunges into a wide catch basin with 8 feet as its deepest part before it flows down the stream and into the sea. The pool side where everyone can take a dip was narrow. We were so lucky because there were no other people wading or swimming in it. “SO, KIAT TO THE MAX!” The drops of water from the falls which caused the current were heavy. That was why I did not dare touch the rock where the drops of water fell.

The 3 Lads in Inambakan Falls swimming (Inambakan Falls) Pairs (Inambakan Falls) W means WOW (Inambakan FAlls) Look UP (Inambakan Falls) DSC_4671 Joy to the World (Inambakan Falls) Inambakan Falls and I (3) Inambakan Falls and I (2)

            I think, Inambakan Falls got its name from the word “ambak” which has the English translation “to jump from a high place to a lower one.” I guess people used to jump there. And some of my friends really jumped. Sad to say I was scared to jump. That was my deepest regret during my visit at Inambakan Falls. But there may be a reason for it. I think I have to go back to Inambakan Falls. I have to jump and that’s FOR SURE!!!


Estimated Expenses Visiting the Grand Waterfalls of South Cebu

162.00 Php/pax – (Non Air-conditioned Bus) Bus fare from Cebu City (Cebu South Bus Terminal) to Ginatilan Town Proper 

60.00 Php/pax  – Habal-habal fare from  Ginatilan Town Proper to Inambakan Falls  

10.00 Php/pax  – Entance Fee to Inambakan Falls 

40.00 Php/pax  – Habal-habal fare from Inambakan Falls to Aguinid Falls (Samboan, Cebu)

10.00 Php/pax  –  Entance Fee to Aguinid Falls

185.00 Php/pax(Air-conditioned Bus) Bus fare from Samboan to Cebu City (Cebu South Bus Terminal)

A total of 467.00 Php/pax

*food, souvenirs and miscellaneous fees are not included 

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    1. Hi, ang habal habal na papunta sa Inambakan yun din ang sinakyan naming papuntang Aguinid. Magkasundo kayo ng driver para hintayin kayu 🙂 UU malapit lang sa Inambakan ang Campael at Bugnawan Falls pero hindi pa ako nakapunta 🙂


  1. Joy Satinitigan
    2014-12-05 08:53:23
    (from destinedtobegreat.14webs.com comment)

    The thing about this blog is that it speaks to you on a personal level. Think of a friend who traveled somewhere, shared his/her experiences and you ended up visiting the place yourself. You’re not coerced but you’re convinced. It does not try to be what it’s not, like other blogs would do in an attempt to impress the readers. With quality thoughts and photos, it’s one of those blogs that’s worthy to spend time on.


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